A Stroke of Genius Portrait Gallery

Featuring over 100 portrait painters, this traditional portraiture site is the largest resource on the web if you're seeking a portrait painter for a commissioned piece. Amongst the family and official portraits which have been commissioned through the site, is the recent selection of artist Simmie Knox to paint an official portrait of former President Clinton. There are also tons of resources for the portrait artist including a huge Art Bookstore with over 400 items. Because of her success with the site and her background in marketing portraits, owner Cynthia Daniel gets asked to write articles on various subjects and speak at various portrait society gatherings.


A World of Wonder and Imagination - SherryRoss.com "Welcome to my site: A world of enchanted books, creative contests, samples of my children’s fantasy, The Light of Lucinda and other works in progress, poems, magical images, playful and informative links for children, adults who care about literature for children and themselves, writers, editors, and librarians. There will be reviews of books and toys that encourage the imagination and links to purchase these items online or directly from my site to Well Fire Publications, depending on the items."
-- Sherry Ross

This painting, Yseult by Sir Francis Dicksee, was used for the cover of Seeds of the Pomegranate by Sherry L. Ross, who is on the Board of Trustees of ARC.


Adrian Gottlieb

"More so than in drawing, the basis of a successful painting lies in the creation of illusion: the illusion of volume, the illusion of distance and space, the illusion of light, and even the illusion of color itself... "
-- Adrian Gottlieb


American Society of Classical Realism (ASCR)

Dedicated to preserving and promoting classical realism, the ASCR provides assistance to select professional artists who provide small groups of students with a thorough artistic training. The ASCR also publishes the Classical Realism Journal, which is written and produced by artists, scholars, collectors and others who are committed to this tradition of excellence. Students may wish to visit their website and learn more about the Society`s studios around the world.


ann long - fine art

Located in the historic district of Charleston, South Carolina, Ann Long Fine Art specializes in museum quality fine art. Our focus is contemporary realist artwork steeped in the principles and techniques of the old masters. Our classical realist painters share a variety of work including still-lifes, landscapes, figurative drawings and paintings. We encourage new and experienced collectors of fine art to explore the work of Jill Hooper, Kamille Corry, Frank Strazzulla and photographer Julia Cart. Enjoy our website as a tool to view our current inventory and do not hesitate to call or email us in Charleston about inquiries. We look forward to helping you with your collection.


ART: American Renaissance for the Twenty-First Century

ART: American Renaissance for the Twenty-First Century is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to a rebirth of beauty and life-affirming values in all of the fine arts.



The Artcyclopedia is a comprehensive index of artists represented at hundreds of museum sites, image archives, and other online resources. Since February 2002, its staff had indexed over 1,200 art sites and provided more than 32,000 links to an estimated 100,000 works by 7,500 renowned artists.
This is an online research tool of inestimable value for the student or art-lover seeking more information on their favourite artists.


Dragon's Pearl

"Supporting the reflection of noble ideals in fine contemplative art."


Forma Gallery

Internet project www.artforum.ru is carried out by Forma Gallery of Moscow with an aim to acquaint art lovers with Russian Realism. The site presents the most prominent Russian artists, along with their biographies, exhibitions and paintings. There are also links to Russian museums and galleries.


Gandy Gallery

Richard Gandy's exquisitely designed art gallery website is a tribute to those contemporary painters who keep the classical tradition alive. It features quality fine art and promotes contemporary realist artwork based on the enduring aesthetic principles of the old masters. A must see.


Grenning Gallery

Home of The New Masters, emerging and internationally recognized artists active in reviving the techniques developed from the Renaissance through the 19th century French Academic tradition. The gallery focuses on still lifes, nudes, landscapes, and portraits accomplished strictly Ad vivium -- from life.


Karen McCormack Pastel Animal Portraits

"I have always enjoyed caring for animals and using them as subjects in my art work. I try to capture their innocence and the love they have for their owners. The more I work with the animals the more I want to paint them."


Larry Bishop - Portrait Artist

" There is nothing more rewarding or more challenging for me than creating a fine portrait. A large part of the reward is seeing the person experience the joy of the process along with me."
-- Larry Bishop


Maureen Hyde

Maureen began her art career in the publishing field as an illustrator for children's picture books and cover art for historical novels. Her interest in the classical foundations of art lead her to study with Daniel Graves, the director of the Florence Academy of Art.
Her painting is approached in pursuit of fine craftsmanship and draughtsmanship. The colors, which are hand ground, and materials used are based on centuries of applied wisdom.


NewBohemia .... Beauty, Skill, Reality

First artistic website to bring together the best works from the "New Realist Movement" in one unique place.



A finely crafted time piece is the living heart beat of the past. The historic craftsmanship and elegance that went into the crafting of these watches, which stamps them with an undeniably unique aesthetic, has been here preserved and refined by the artisans of OldWatch.Com. Whether you want to purchase one of these exquisite time pieces for yourself or a loved one, or would like to have an antique watch evaluated, they can be of service.


Quent Cordair Fine Art

"Quent Cordair Fine Art was established by artist Quent Cordair in 1996. As a premier provider of contemporary Romantic Realism in painting, sculpture and drawing, QCFA has grown to serve an international clientele of private and corporate collectors.
"Romantic Realism, the movement which renews the high esthetic standards and techniques of pre-20th century ateliers, brings a rebirth of comprehensibility, beauty, romanticism and stylization to contemporary subject matter. The gallery's collection emphasizes themes which celebrate the moments of happiness, joy and success possible to Man on earth. Subject matter includes figurative, narrative, allegorical, still lifes, seascapes and landscapes. Award-winning painters and sculptors of international renown are represented, as well as emerging artists of unique vision and accomplishment. Commissions are available for portraiture, murals, garden and architectural projects."
-- from the Quent Cordair Fine Art website


Robert Beverly Hale Lectures

THE LECTURE SERIES: Realizing that the Hale lectures ought to be preserved for posterity, in 1976, before he retired, Mr. Hale's entire Monday night series of lectures was videotaped in black and white in the order that he delivered them at the Art Student's League of New York. Future generations of artists and students will be able to benefit from the vast knowledge and penetrating insights of these famous lectures, with all the warmth and wit that makes them such a memorable experience. Throughout the lectures, you see Mr. Hale demonstrating to his students the basic structure, proportions, anatomical details, function and renderings of the human figure, by way of the human skeleton and by his skillful step by step drawings.


Romantic Realism Fine Art

"Art is a personal expression, created without regard to other human beings and the market ... The virtue of a dealer is to speak when necessary and let the art speak when necessary. BH Arts strives to do exactly that for the world's greatest artists."


The Art of American Realist Timothy Tyler


The Art of Andrew S. Conklin & Helen Oh

Andrew S. Conklin, a native of Chicago, Illinois, is a figurative painter. He holds a BFA from the American Academy of Art, and a certificate in painting from the National Academy School in New York City. Conklin received additional instruction from portraitist Aaron Shikler and painter and illustrator David Levine.
Helen Oh is a representational painter and conservator of old master paintings. She attended the School of Visual Art and holds a certificate in painting from the National Academy School in New York City.


The Art of Dana E. Levin

"Painting from nature is about the discovery of a truth. Discovering beauty, discovering humanity ..."


The Art of Gerald Steinmeyer

Frescoes, Drawings, Portraits, Landscapes


The Artwork of Kristine Diehl

Kristine Diehl took her first Atelier class at age 15 and continued taking night and summer classes through high school and college. While at the University of Minnesota she participated in two exchange programs in Austria and was able to study paintings of the Masters across Europe. Upon completing her B.A. with a double major in Art History and German Linguistics, Kristine began her studies at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art. During her studies she received numerous scholarships and commissions, gained recognition in magazines, and had her still lifes featured in a book. As a recent graduate of The Atelier, her work hangs in private collections around the world and can be seen at www.kdiehl.com.


The Endicott Studio of Mythic Arts

THE ENDICOTT STUDIO WEB SITE was founded by Terri Windling in 1987 to promote Mythic Arts -- contemporary art and literature rooted in folklore and myth. It is a bi-monthly journal and offers as well a fabulous bookstore!


The Fine Art of Juan Carlos Martinez


The Light of the World

This site focuses on William Holman Hunt, the famous victorian artist and founder of the Pre-Raphaelite art movement. It includes over 200 of his paintings, watercolours and sketches, along with numerous biographies of his friends and fellow artists.


The Oil Paintings of Thomas Baker


Victorian Art in Britian

Victorian Art in Britain is a personal guide to Pre-Raphaelite and other Victorian art in the galleries of Britain. It features biographies of the major Victorian painters, links to galleries which exhibit their work, even articles on the personalities of the models who inspired these artists to unsurpassed heights of artistry.


Welcome to Robert Florczak.com

Florczak’s art is characterized by an avid interest in historical drama and romance and an intimate understanding of the classical paintings of the Old Masters. Additionally, his work reflects a passion for the Academic and Victorian painters of the 19th Century, such as Leighton, Bouguereau, and Alma-Tadema, as well as the majestic landscapes of Bierstadt, Church and Moran. Whether working in layers of transparent oil glazes or meticulously rendered pencils and watercolors, Robert brings to his paintings a depth and attention to detail uncommon in contemporary art.
His designs and technique have been compared to the classical imagery of the Pre-Raphaelites and have been described as “Caravaggio crossed with Maxfield Parrish.” According to one reviewer, Robert’s landscapes are “reminiscent of ambitious paintings from the Hudson River School.”


Welcome to the Art of Kirk Richards

Well known for his still life and genre paintings, Kirk Richards has had a long and distinguished artistic career. After earning his BFA and MA degrees in art from West Texas State University, Kirk trained with the prominent American painter and teacher Richard Lack in Minneapolis from 1976-1980. Since then, he has been commissioned to paint murals for the First Baptist Church in Amarillo, has painted portraits of many of Amarillo's noted citizens (particularly its great singers and conductors), and went on to win the Lee M. Loeb Memorial Award for Excellence in 1987, as well as many other national awards and recognitions.
He has held memberships in several professional organizations including the American Artists Professional League, The American Portrait Society-certified, The American Society of Portrait Artists, Oil Painters of America, and was the only artist ever to be elected to join the original roster of the ASCR Full Guild of Artists. He is currently a member of the re-organized Artists Guild of the ASCR.
His work can be found in numerous private and public collections.
"Kirk Richards has achieved a degree of mastery and versatility rarely seen among the Classical Realists." -- Richard Lack


Arcadian Galleries

This gallery operates a traditional atelier system and sells high quality oil reproductions, particularly of French and British academic artists of the C19th.


Elena Flerova Paintings:

"...Flerova's paintings connect the light and shadows of the distant past to the present day.
"Image after image is over-flowing with detail, such excellence of dexterity combined with such feeling and intrinsic understanding of the human condition as she sees it and has experienced, puts her in the heady category of modern master."
-- Victor Forbes, Fine Art Magazine


,b> Expansive Poetry & Music Online, A Somers Rocks Press Web Publication

Wonderful essays and articles on culture, writers and poets, poetry, great links! Their new classical music section will be opening shortly.


Midnight Muse

Art canvases of the 19th century Academies & Pre-Raphaelites, statuary, fine poetry, music, original jewelry.


The New Romanticist

Dedicated to Romantic Realism in the arts.


The On-Line Gallery of Fabio d'Aroma

Painter of original works, copies, portraits and murals with detailed attention to oil technique. Realizzazione di dipinti propri,copie d'autore, ritratti, decorazioni e dipinti murali ad olio con particolare attenzione alla tecnica pittorica.


The Paintings and Drawings of Steven Assael


The Paintings of Anthony D'Elia

"Painting has allowed me to capture moments in time, that otherwise, might have been lost forever. I count myself amongst the blessed."


The Tania Vartan Academy of Trompe L'oeil

We have established the Academy of Trompe l'Oeil and Decorative Painting for those of you who are interested in learning the time honored art of the painted surface in architecture.
Our mission is to give our students a sense of finesse and good taste in creating Trompe l’Oeil finishes and murals. There are thousands of Trompe l’Oeil painters but only a very few with talent and flair.


The Works of John William Waterhouse

This site offers lovely images of Waterhouse's paintings and drawings with a nice biography. It also has a more limited selection of good images of many of the other famous Pre-Raphaelites.


Truman Adams, Portrait Artist


Victor Wang's Figure Paintings


Victorian Masterpieces

Victorian Masterpieces: a great idea for those who love to do cross stitch -- excellent patterns from great 19th century Academic/Victorian masterpieces. Also has many lovely images of the masters.
"My Bouguereau cross stitch patterns are just flying off the shelves!"


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