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"The Orange Revolution opened a New Epoch in the history of the European peoples.

"The pepole of Ukraine and Georgia showed the entire world that Freedom and Democracy, and the will of the people and fair elections, are much stronger than the government machine, regardless of how strong and rough it can be. They proved that regimes motivated against to stop the people's vital sovereign rights.

"Despite the weather, millions of people went into the streets to defend their inherent right to Freedom and their Right to Elect their own government. We categorically deny the thesis that peaceful and democratic revolutions can be artificially orchestrated through supposed political methods or though external interventions. On the contrary, the revolutions in Ukraine and Georgia occurred in defiance of political methods and external intervention.

"We are grateful to democratic countries and organizations for supporting our citizens' peaceful struggle for freedom and democracy. We hope such support from the democratic world will continue. Our countries will continue down the path to the construction of a united, democratic Europe, and development of good relations with all neighbors.

"We affirm that the development of democratic civil society institutions will be the main factors in the development and economic prosperity of our countries and peoples.We are convinced that a society's potential can be unlocked only under conditions of freedom and democracy.

"We affirm that the Ukrainian and Georgian revolutions represent a NEW WAVE in the liberation of Europe. This is a wave that will bring the complete victory of freedom and democracy on the European continent."

- Signed Jan. 5, 2005, by Viktor Yushchenko and Mikhail Saakashvili
at Tisovets, Ukraine



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