Juan Garces Sigas.
Born in 1953 in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Graduated from San Alejandro Art school, National art school, Kyiv Art Institute.
He took part in many group exhibitions in Cuba, Spain, France, Switzerland, Ukraine. Personal exhibition: Luanda, Cuba, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine.
  • Memeber of Cuban Writers' and Artists' Union since 1993.
  • Had worked as fine art proffesor in the National Art Shcool(1984-1993).
  • Since 1993 lived and works in Ukraine.
The human nature is a quintessence of Garces' creation, and it is considered a principle for the development of different and rich possibilities of correlations between a person, visual-art realities and conceptual realities. At first sight, these correlations seem to be the antagonistic ones and in the painting of this author they reach the blending of philosophy and alchemy.
The human body is a metaphor of liberty and dramatic nature of human quests of the originality in everything. The human body carries on a dialogue with goemetric elements which show the same simplicity dreamed of by man in his relations with the world around.
Formally, Juan Garces' painting represents a very personal and flexible form that combines the resources of abstract expressionism with informalism and gesture painting.
The vivid and violent colour helps to emphasize the tensity and Prometheus' quest of the Utopia of Nature.

Juan Garces is looking for gallery representation and promotion his art.
"Plegaria", 1992
Mixed media on paper, 64.5x50.5 cm.
" El Triangulo rojo", 1995
Oil on paper, 86x61cm.
." En el cuarto", 1992
Mixed media on paper, 64.5x51 cm.
" Tiene que haber una salida", 1996
Oil on canvas, 110x78cm.
" Sombra comun", 1992
Mixed media on paper, 104.5x74.5 cm.
" Detras de la ventana", 1996
Oil on canvas, 120x90cm.
Espuma azul", 1995
Oil on paper, 62x94cm.
"Naturaleza trunca",1991
Mixed media on paper, 51x66 cm.
" La danza de los 90",1993
Mixed media on canvas, 227x238 cm.
" Modelo",1995
Oil on paper, 61x86cm.

The artist has painted 10 portraits to order. Garces' portraits transmit the connection
between the human character and artistic image. Their rarity is that
they are painted in the artist's style.
" Family portrait", 1995
Oil on canvas, 120x150cm
Portrait Stepanov, 1995
Oil on canvas, 75x100cm
" Katia ", 1996
Oil on canvas, 80x60cm.
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