Oh Spiritus, Oh Sanctus
Adoramus Domine
Te Deum Laudamus
In memoriam, Gloriam

Warrious immortal knights
We walk our way alone
Eternally we're born to write
The sign of victory
Warriors, immortal knights
So far away from home
Eternally, we're born to fight
Forever riding free

And the day has come
Time to die
Somewhere far beyond
On the stairway to the Sky
On the rainbow soaring high
We are born from the sun

In our hands we hold the future
As we live so we will die
Carry on to save mankind
Back to back we stand as one
Until the last Crusade is done
We're leaving from the night

Call for vengeance, raise your steel
We are the knights on our glory ride
Law defenders, raise your swords
Freedom for us all

Hail to the Gods of Creation
Hail to the King of the World
A hail to the Metal Invasion
A Heavenly Kingdom on Earth

Godless odysee, endless agony
We're heading for eternal life

Ramses - Pharao
Wiseman - Giant in the Sky
Ramses - Pharao
God of Wisdom - King of Paradise

You're the king and the priest
Creator of life
Of a Nation strong and tight
You're word is the law
All knowing, all wise
With mercy in your eyes

The God of Deliverance sends a sign
He's the God of Deliverance

A love that's stronger than hate
A will that's stronger than fate
Chosen to rule the land from the nile
Born to sacrifice your life


Without you, we feel alone and sad
Without you, we feel the void inside


I'm the River, the Giver of Life
I'm the One, your will to survive
I'm the Sun, the Source of Light
I'm the moon, Diamond in the Night
I'm the Air, the Wind and the Breeze
I'm the One, the Bringer of Ease
I'm the breath of Eternity
I'm the Hand of Destiny

I'm the Air, the Wind and the Breeze
I'm the One, the Bringer of Ease
I lead your Soul to Eternity
I set your Spirit Free

Together we march in time
Forever for the kingdom
Farewell to everyone
Brothers we are wild on the run

Riding high the final race
We've never done before
Chalenging our destiny
Brothers we are wild on the run

We carry on to make our way
Make our dreams come true
Gliding into another day
The world is our home

Welcome to the dome of pleasure
Welcome to the hall of fame
Farewell to everyone
Farewell again

Fly to survive, right to the Sky
Believe in the spell of the dawning day
Fly to survive, right to the sky
High on the wings of insanity

Living in our wonderland
We never had before
We return to fantasy
Touch the heavens door


 Land of Light
I'm diving through an empty space
Where shadows flashing around
An angels voice, so close so far
I'm reaching Holy Ground
A broken heart, beats deep inside
A silent lake of tears

And I cry, you can see the tears
In my eyes, like pouing rain
The hand on my heart
I'm leaving the night

To the land of the light
The Garden of Life
Remember the Golden times

An ancient time, forgotten land
I've never seen before
Unholy spell, a land of Ice
An everlasting war

And I fly to the far horizon
So nigh to the
Land of the Light
The Garden of Life
Remember the Golden Times

And I cry, you can see the tears
In my eyes
You can see them burning
The hand on my heart
I'm leaving the night

 Call of Fame
We're lost on the run
Without any fears we are gliding
Intro the Sun
Ready to follow the call of fame

We aren't the ones to die
Far from home we are strangers
We aren't the ones who cry
We are lost in the Universe

Riding on the wings of time
Glorious, sartorious
Wandering the rest of life

Glorious, victorious

Lead us to wonderland
Take us all over the seas It lies there in heavens hand
We follow our destiny

On through the night
Into the distance we're flying
Ready to fight for a world that's never dying


Alone in the night
Flashing shadows surround us all
Spread our wings in the dust
When the sorrow feeds all the pain
Bound for paradise

Freedom will rise
Tender voices will sing for us all
In silence
Stand up and fight
Climb the stairway we'll reach our aim
Far horizons

Holy one - you're love that you share
Save us from despair

Living in a fairyland
Oasis of light
And the time stands still
In a world full of pride
Living in a fairyland
In the hands of the one
And the time stands still
The island is my home

Watch out the stairway never ends
We will find the right way to light
Ever more, forever more I pray
And a shining starlight leads me on my way

Holy one - In our dreams you're alive
An island to survive

Heading for tomorrow
Sadness has an end
Where the world is free of sorrow
Children reign the land

In a time of loneliness
Years gone by
Time of sadness
Tried to survive

We saw a land so glorious
Far beyond the sun
Let us ride away, and we're

Touching the sky tonight
Dreams have fallen, voices calling
And together we will spread our wings and fly
Darkness falling, heroes calling
Forever for the love - forever for the flame inside
Hope has fallen, winds are calling

Once upon a time the world was in distress
But now we live in peace united - till the end

Forever in a land of grace and glory
My soul is free of pain
And the children tell us stories
That harmony remains

Holy Knight
In times of war we fight
Where spirits of vengeance collide
Paralized fear deep inside
Voices calling "raise your head and hail"
One step in mind, two for the fight
Across the fields of pain we march
Glory to the land

Holy knight, guiding light
Give us hope and feel our desire
No more fear, no more pain
Save us, the human race, freedom

We stand up awaiting the dawn
By daylight, the kingdom is born
Our fortune is to bury wars
Love and peace for all
One step in mind, two for the fight
A world in rage falls in decline
Leave it all behind

Hear the forces calling
We will raise our heads up high
Feel the forces roaring
They will ride across the sky

Is it our reality
To live a life in agony
Everything that we have done
Burned the place where we belong

Calling, calling, raise your head
Crying, crying, raise your head

Over The Rainbow
Sounds of revolution, calling everywhere
It's time, to leave the past behind
Roaming through the shadows
Crossing seven seas
Deep inside, the inner flame is alive

Running for an odysee, far away
Hiding from our shame
To the gate of no return
Running faster, running high
A million miles away
We believe in destiny

Never stop for anything, never walk alone
Sleepwalking on endless seas, misery and thorns
Star rise and lead me home
Powerful kingdom of happiness

Challenging the fortune, a fascination rises
Deep inside, with clarity in mind
Creeping through the emptiness
Dangerous - try to hold us back
And break the stairway down

Never stop for anything, never walk alone
In our dreams and fantasies - and my dreams are fading
Bound to be reborn - light the darkness
Star rise and lead me home
Powerful kingdom of happiness

Over the rainbow we're touching the sky
Ride into the distance we'll find our way
Over the rainbow we fly to survive
Glide on illusions of better days

Demon shadows, master of sorrow
Try to catch our soul
Salvation is on the way

Never stop for anything, never walk alone
Keep our faith in prophecy - my dreams are fading
The power of the crown - hold the crown
Star rise and lead me home
Powerful kingdom of happiness

Над Радугой…
Грохот революции, он кругом, он зовет
Время покончить с прошлым,
Блуждая средь теней,
Пересечь семь морей,
Внутри меня горит огонь...

Бежать к odysee, 
Скрыться вдали от позора.
За вратами, из-за которых не возвращаются,
Бежать быстрее и быстрее,
За много миль отсюда…
Мы верим в нашу судьбу…

Никогда не останавливаться, никогда не быть одному…
Блуждая во сне по бесконечным морям, несчастьям и шипам.
Сияющая звезда ведет меня домой,
В королевство Счастья.

Бросая вызов Удаче, очарование захватывает меня изнутри,
Но ум мой ясен…
Карабкаемся сквозь пустоту,
Риск пытается удержать нас,
Разрушить лестницу…

Никогда не останавливаться, никогда не быть одному - 
Только в наших мечтах и фантазиях, и мои грезы рушатся.
За Грань – чтоб возродиться. Свет во Тьме,
То звезда сияет – она ведет меня домой,
В королевство Счастья.

Над Радугой мы касаемся Неба,
Пройдя расстояния, мы найдем свой путь.
Над Радугой мы летим, чтобы выжить,
Скользя по иллюзиям лучших дней.

Тени демонов, хозяев тоски
Пытаются дастать нас,
Но спасение – в Пути.

Никогда не останавливаться, никогда не быть одному,
Хранить веру в пророчество – мои грезы рушатся.
Сила Короны сдерживает ее…
Звезда сияет, она ведет меня домой,
В королевство Счастья.

Tears Falling
Tonight - before the day begins another game
It's time for us to break away from shame
All these false illusions everywhere
In dreams we're loosing our dispair
We have to search for new horizons

Curious - Voices talk to us
Telling tales to us
Let us fly

All the roads that lead to nowhere
In circles we run around
Madness we have found
And we're running out of clarity
All these things that seem to be
We have to turn away this nightmare

Furious - Freedom calls for us
Rising more in us
For our life

When tears are falling - strangers calling
They will take us somewhere far from time
When tears are falling - strangers calling
See the sun will rise for us again

So I close my eyes to ease the pain
I realize that I'm not insane
And will fly away forever

Glorious - Pain has gone from us
Peace for all of us
In our minds


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та Олега Гуцуляка
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