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The Ivano-Frankivsk band GRYNDZHOLY and WESTERN POLE radio station decided on Nov. 28 to collaborate and record a song to energize the protestors; the song has become the unofficial anthem of the so-called Orange Revolution.

Igor Maslov, Western Pole station manager, said on Nov. 21 that his staff decided to write a ditty to support the mass protests that began on Nov. 21 in responce to allegations of mass fraud in the second-round run-off election.

Roman "Kalyna" Kalyn, the leader of Gryndzoly, came up with the idea for the song in reaction to the growing acts of civil disobedience in Kyiv and elsewhere. On Nov. 22, the band played at a rally in support of Yushchenko in Ivano-Frankivsk, where people were chanting "Together there are many of us! We cannot be defeated!" and other slogans.

"So instead of singing our own songs"' Kalyn said, "we decided to write a song that the people had already written [themselves]".

The next day, on Nov. 23, in collaboration with Western Pole, Gryndzholy put the words to music and recorded the song, said Kalyn.

Gryndzholy recorded the song in its own studio. Western Pole's disk jockeys, journalists and friends helped perform the refrain, 'Yes! No!"

The song can be heard between commercial breaks during much of the day on independent TV broadcaster Channel 5 as well as from the sound stage in central Kyiv throughout the ongoing protests. In addition, the song can also be downloaded from the Internet for free.

"By our statisics, we have already had more than 1,5 million downloads. We were not planning to publicize our band in such a way, and now we don't know what to do with this song. {Singers} Marijka Burmaka and Igor Pelekh told me that I need to record it for an album. We might do it a later date, "Kalyn said.

"As far as I know, Lavina Music wants to issue a disc on which our song would also be included, but that's all being planned right now," he added.

("KYIV POST", 2004, Dec. 2, vol.11, Issue 48, P. 3)


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