The referendum against the new Low for territorial organization of Republic of Macedonia (RM), initiated by the World Macedonian Congress (WMC), that will held on November 7, was formally upgraded over the 41 local referendums were the citizens massively voted against it.

The first dimension of this national legislative referendum is the fact that, if succeed, it shall prevent, practically, the internal territorial division of RM on ethnical principle.

In the near future it should lead to federalization or even worse - partition and destroying Of the RM.The latter on is in accordance with the tendencies of the Albanian minority in Northwest Macedonia, near the borders with Kosovo and Albania.

The controversial Low was established under the unprecedented pressure of the American influence in the RM in combination with the direct blackmails of the Albanian coalition partner into the Government - the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), previously known as paramilitary KLA (a branch of the Kosovo's UCK) that started the war in Macedonia in 2001.

Also, the leadership of the main Macedonian partner in the Government - the Social democratic Alliance SDSM) - practically are marionettes of the Anglo-American factors. This complot resulted with the cumulatively dangerous territorial reorganization, out of any socio-economic logic, that artificially annexed a rural to the urban communities, with the main purpose to assure a governing political package for the ethnical Albanians in the local self-government. This represents an artificial demographic impact. This is, also, against the Ohrid Framework Agreement were stand that "there are no territorial solutions for ethnical problems".

The ethnical Macedonians, even 3 years after the war in 2001, are still under the different pressures by ethno Albanian structures. These organized a classical ethnical cleansing on 150 000 Macedonians during the war. One third of these internal refugees still can not return their homes. The fear for their future and for the future of Macedonia, has resulted into the 41 local referendums. After that, the initiative for the national legislative referendum by WMC was logical.

By regional geopolitical aspect, the Macedonian referendum implicate a democratic, civil resistance against the remapping the actual state borders in Balkan, according the ethnical keys.The project of remapping was informally provocated by the Anglo-American factors in NATO, using not only their loyal Albanian militants, but also some political structures, as well as DUI in Macedonia.The target is, actually, to create a greater Albanian dominion in the region (Albania, Kosovo, Northwestern Macedonia, North Greece, Southeastern Montenegro) that will suppress or, eventually, ethnically clean the Christian and nonalbanian population at this area. Practically, the purpose is Anglo-American interests to control the ground, using Albanians. In this way, a completely destabilized region can be created. A zone of permanent ethnical conflicts. This should disconnect the main European North-South connection, the Corridor 10. Strategically, this could prevent the complete stabilization of Europe (through Balkans, and can obstruct the euro integration of the targeted countries.

This is the reason why certain representatives of the international community are directly involved into the Macedonian internal matters, making pressure on the citizens to boycott the upcoming referendum. Nonetheless, the relevant sondage of the voters shows that the referendum will be successful, which means that the old and functional one Low for territorial organization will automatically return to power.


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