Ян ван Ейк - Лик Діви

Oxana Slipushko

   Unlike Eastern Rus', the South-Western territories reserved for itself a relative independence from the steppe invaders and escaped their destructive blows. Thus, the evolution of Galician-Volhynian culture was a smooth and continuous process.
   The Galician-Volhynian chronicle ("Galytzko-Volynskyj litopys") is the thrid part of socalled Rus' chronicle covering a historical period from 1201 till 1292. In fact, the discourse started from the mid-1205 and ended in winter 1289/90.
   The first part of chronicle from 1201 to 1260 is represented by the Galician chronicle with Galician principalities and Prince Danylo (Daniil) being in the focus. The second part is the Volhynian cronicle that deals with Volhynia and Volhynian princes.
   The Galician-Volhynian cronicle was composed of diversified sources and materials, it was based on annals, historical records, memoirs, previous chronicles, including The Tale of Bygone Years, the Kuiv chronicle, works by Illarion, etc.
   The Galician-Volhynian chronicle was composed by, at least, five authors and compilers. The first one worked in about 1255, his narrative extending trough 1234 (in according with Hypatian chronicle); the second continued in near 1269, and covered a period from 1235 till 1265-1266, both the authors being from Prince Danylo's entourage; approximately in 1286, the third author worked and ended his tale by 1285 inclusive; the fourth one involved in the writing the manuscript in about 1289, continued the chronicle through the same year and revised materials of the second and third compilers; the fifth chronicler wrote at the begining of 14th century and ended the work by events of 1292. The third and fourth scribes were from Volodymyr's, Vasylko's son, entourage, from Peremyshl' or Liuboml', the fifth one probably being from Pins'k.


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