Love Ukraine
by Volodymyr Sosjura

Love Ukraine, love it like the sun;
Like the wind, and grass and water...
In the hour of happiness and in time of joy,
Love it in the hour of mistfortune.
Love Ukraine in your dream
And when you are awake,
Your cherry-line Ukraine.
Its beauty, eternally live and new,
And its tongue like thet of the nightngale.
Among the brotherly peoples,
Like a flourishing orchard
She is shining for centuries.
Love Ukraine with all your hearts
And with all your deeds.
For us she is unique in the world,
Only one in the sweet charm of spaces...
She is in the stars, in the birch
And in every pulse of the heart;
She is in the flower and bird,
In the electric fines,
In every song, in every thought,
In the child's smile, in the girl's eyes,
And in the reddish fluttering of banners...
As the fire burns but never burns out,
She lives in the paths and meadows,
In the whistling of sirens,
And the waves of the Dnipro*,
And in the fiery red clouds.
In the fire of cannonades
That crushed to death
The invading foreigners in green uniforms,
In the bayonets that in the darkness pierced our way
To the springs, glorious and sincere.
Young man! Give her your smile,
Your tears and all you have...
You cannot love other people
If you do not love Ukraine.
Young girl! Like its blue sky
Love her every minute.
Your boy-friend will not love your
If you do not love Ukraine.
Love her in work, in love and in battle,
Like a song that sails with the star...
With all your heart love your Ukraine,
And we will be eternal along with her.
*Dnipro (in ukrainian) - Dniepr (in russian)



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