European countries remain attached to the greatness of a civilization wich they believe still exits : there is however a gap between reality and its representation since the only crisis of civilization that we know is presently that of the european countries.
At the top, a wealthy ruling class which after 30 years in power is only capable of perpetuating illusions.
The regimist Europe was able to prolong its existence thanks to  its obedient submission to that corrupted ruling class. But this class has no freedom of action, it is only a hostage and a toy in the hands of
the american super power.
As things stand the ruling class naturally imposes myths and models alien to the European Mind particularly the so called "Consumer society" or more precisely the "Production Society"; a social organization "massified" to the extreme and in which popular community has been completely eliminated to the benefit of machines, money and crass consumerism.
Given that state of affair it is logical that our society  becomes more and more dehumanized, that our press no longer plays role and that nothing ever stands in the way of power and profit.
To remediate the present situation one must first discover the primary causes of the European Bankruptcy. This is important to give Europe the Moral, the ethics and the aesthetics wich have been so much lacking to this day.
The question is simple to put : we only have to be masters in our  land.
Contrary to what imperialist ideology claims we say that the US have their own life wich has nothing in common with that of Europe since our political and cultural heritage represents a fracture in the process of uniformization accomplished so far.
Societies do not escape to historical significations or those that emerge by the analysis of reality. Freedom can only be guaranteed by force.
Europe must be in europan hands.



Europe's liberation implies a global withdrawal of the US. The end of american domination must intervene at the military level (disbandment of NATO) as well as at the economical level (nationalization of european based american companies and financial assets).
The liberation of Europe is the indispensable prelude to any attempt of european unification. There cannot be unification as long as Europe remains under the influence of the US. To be independent Europe must be liberated from the malevolent dominance of its american "ally".
The unification of Europe will be possible if its revolves around several axis : mystic -The european Nation -, political - The European STATE - indispensable to exert power and force and  a state making device : a united political party with a genuine European dimension.



At the end of this century we are witnessing the making of Big International Blocks, there no longer are small independent nations.
This fact is the result of the law of "political physics", it is a  question of DIMENSION. It is no longer possible to rely on France, Germany or Italy alone. If we aspire to freedom, we must be strong and to be strong we must build Europe. The EUROPEAN NATION or FUTURE NATION is radically opposed to "nostalgism" of ancient little  nations.
Therefore  we condemn :

  • Left and Right nationalism which divide Europe and are thus consciously or not anti european. Present national borders must cease to exist to allow the supranationality to confort polical independence.

  • We reject micro-regional nationalism which are chimerical and noxious to the European cause. If we can understand the motivations of the Basque, Corsican movements we must also understand that the more Europe will be divided the weaker it will be and the weaker it will be the more it will remain under the dominance of "protectors" wether americans or other.

We are however favorable to regionalist movements which are capable of getting integrated within the framework of the European Nation.



Our EUROPEAN COMMUNITARIANISM is an aspiration to liberation in stark opposition with bellicose expansionism. It is the will of men who share a common destiny. The framework in which that  will can be expressed and achieved is Europe.

  • The EUROPEAN COMMUNITARIANISM in itself sumarizes our originality, it is a political project socially global and total. Europeans want freedom for Europe, therefore its economical and political independence and a common justice. In order to reach those goals communitarianism integrates the socialist dimension.

  • Our EUROPEAN COMMUNITARIANISM is a PROGRESSISM since far from negating the rich cultural heritage of the various european nations it combines them in a constructive synergy to face the great socio-economical mutations of this ending century.

Such is the project that we must seek to propagate throughout Europe. That project would be vain without the political will to build a European STATE and a European SOCIALISM.



The question is to know if the european peoples want to be free or if they will accept to live in the year 2000 in political and economical slavery.
To master their own destiny, they must conquer their liberty, they must be the founders of a United Europe and a European STATE this implies :

  • A European Government, one sole legislative and executive Body. The United Government will be in charge of defence, foreign affairs, finance and large portions of the economy (nationalization will be required) and Justice.

  • The State will be organized in provinces and regions (economical criterium will be used to divide the regional competence) which will enjoy a large autonomy in economical managment and cultural affairs.

European Socialism in order to protect economical independence and social justice presupposes the primacy of the policy over the economy.
But, the unification of Europe remains over all a political problem and the Eurocrats of Brussels and Strasbourg have shown to the world the extent of their incompetence in the realization of the political unification of Europe.
The creation of a political power is a prerequisite to any attempt of economical, political and social unification.
The Common Market is the perfect illustration of that idea, exempt of any political substance it is merely a vehicle for the economical penetration of american goods and services in the European continent.
The liberation of Europe from the yoke of capitalism and the power of transnational trusts will be achieved thanks to European socialism but most of all thanks to the creation of A EUROPEAN STATE.



The creation of a European State,  the liberation of the European Nation and the realisation of the EUROPEAN COMMUNITARIANISM imply changes of such magnitude that in our project can be seen as a REVOLUTION EUROPEAN. The sole revolutionary agent capable of achieving these goals is the National-european Communitarian Party.
The National-european Communitarian Party (NCP-PCN), wich is still in the making today, must place itself in a situation where it will be able to lead a continental action against the servants of US imperialism. We must therefore confront the european puppets who have chosen to betray the European Nation to further the interests of the  american ruling class.
The National-european Communitarian Party is the AVANT-GARDE of the European liberation struggle and will tomorrow be the crossroad where the builder of the 21st century  will meet.



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